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Sublimation Blank Sunflower Locket| Same Day Shipping

Sublimation Blank Sunflower Locket| Same Day Shipping

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Sublimation Blank Sunflower Locket

Beautiful High Quality Sunflower Necklace With A Photo Locket

Thick Quality Chain Included

Available In Silver & Gold

Pressing Instructions:

Add any picture to aluminum plate using high heat press and sublimation ink

1. Using sublimation paper and sublimation ink, print a mirrored image small enough to sublimate on this bracelet.
2. Remove clear film from shiny white side of blank.
3. Tape image to be printed over blank using using heat tape and press image on shiny side of blank at 380-400 degrees on your heat press for 60 seconds.
3. Remove white adhesive paper off back side of blank and adhere to pendant. If preferred you can also glue sublimated blank to pendant using E6000 glue.
**Times and temperatures may vary based on your heat press **
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